Basic Attention Management


Learn the fundamentals of controlling your attention to remove blocks and improve any area of your life.

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Mastery of attention is a life skill

Having the ability to deliberately employ attention makes the vital difference between thriving or just surviving. When people are in control of their attention, they feel empowered, present and self-determined - unstoppable! Without this mastery, people can become overwhelmed, slow to progress and even get completely stuck. Learning the right tools to preserve and restore attention is the key to a self-actualized life.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone pursuing deeper understanding of the fundamentals of a successful life
  • Anyone seeking practical tools to reach their next level
  • Anyone looking to become unstuck
  • Anyone who wants to be more present and aware

What you’ll learn

How Attention really works

Discover the dynamics of your attention and find out why human attention is the most valuable of all commodities.

Experiential Exercises

Learn simple, proven tools to attain mastery of your attention and be more deliberate in directing your attention.

The Process of Insight

Experience active contemplation and see how this skill leads you to new insight in any area.

Guidance on a key exercise

Sometimes when you try something new it feels more comfortable to know you have the support and guidance of an expert. To connect you with that support, you can schedule a free call with a licensed Avatar Master*. A coach will guide you to the expected results of one of the key exercises.

*The Basic Attention Management course is based on the exercises contained in the ReSurfacing® Workshop, Section 1 of the Avatar® Course.

This "mini" course is a major course in itself! It helped me deepen my understanding of the true principles of living deliberately. 
M.R. (student) USA

Throughout there were new tools that were so useful to me...It is just amazing to have this knowledge that this unfinished business is taking the precious attention that is so valuable to living now and wasting it get free attention back for the Now is so beautiful. 
E.G. (student) USA

I just had an amazing experience guiding a young man on the course. He had been struggling with making decisions in his life. After the Attention course he is now able to make decisions from his heart. The relief felt in him was incredible. 
A.G. (instructor), New Zealand

Put focus and attention under your control now!

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